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We believe in non-corporate, non-adversarial life affirming design that encourages a sense of community and supports the five ways to wellbeing.

Sensitive arrangement of space, maximisation of natural light and a focus on socially pro-active design improves opportunities for people to support their own sense of self and therefore their own wellbeing.

Instead of homogenous spaces, we create highly orientating, meaningful places where people can be and naturally support their sense of self determination and identity.

To connect with others, to be active to take notice and remember the simple things that give you joy. To keep learning, to embrace opportunities, to give your presence, your words and time. These are proven to re-enforce wellbeing, and can be dramatically effected by the way spaces are arranged and designed.

We believe as hospital, ward, dementia and care architects and designers that the architecture of these places can be friendly, domestic, open and embracing. We also can demonstrate that design based on principles that support the care team alongside those being cared for creates long term efficiencies without expanding short term costs.

Nurses at NHS Lothian’s mental health Thistle Ward made a huge step forward...

If such a straight forward interaction that supports sense of self can create this kind of impact, the question is, what if the ward or hospital was designed with a social, non-corporate, sensory focus, domestic scale and although clinically sound, not use the clinical aesthetic, but rather an aesthetic centred on wellbeing?

Our approach to Hospital and Ward design for improved wellbeing, improved efficiency and dementia friendly structure.

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