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Team & Projects


Our core team includes specialist care designer and architect William McMorran. He brought his multi award winning design skills to bear on the care industry after a series of family experiences involving care institutions. He is passionate about generating a massive change in the quality of care environments. William is the recipient of a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship, and used it to travel the world, visiting the most admired and forward thinking care providers and environments globally.

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Roland McMorran, also a director at Architectonicus, has worked as a professional carer and is sensitive to the direct experience of delivering care as well as living in current caring environments. 

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Janet McMorran, an ex paralympic athlete who uses a wheelchair and lives with a low back break further advises on living with disabilities. She enhances our understanding of the experience of disability and the key issues, vital to living well, that make an environment not just accessible but one that champions ability.

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What projects have we been working on?

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  • 62 Bed Specialist Dementia Nursing Care - (Full Planning Consent Achieved - Awaiting Construction)
  • Redevelopment of existing residential care buildings to integrate our 5 point model, open plan principles and refresh the buildings character - (Planning Application Stage)
  •  36 Bed Specialist Dementia Care with community club (Panning Application Stage)

“The home incorporates the very latest research and thinking into facility design for dementia care and has proved to be a resounding success in its inaugural year. Now boasting a happy and vibrant community, Bradbury Court has grown from three residents at opening to filling all 24 bedrooms plus a waiting list”

  • 25 bed Specialist Dementia Extension to existing Extra Care / Assisted Living (Construction Complete)
  • Day Care Centre interior re-design and re-fit - (Construction Complete)
  • Day Care Centre & Care Farm specialist environment for people living with special needs / autism / learning difficulties (Full Planning Consent Achieved - Under Contruction)

  • Scoping Study for innovative Dementia Campus 
  • Step Down Care & Community Mental Health Hub  Feasibility study
  • Respite Care integrated with existing care farm, conceptual proposals 
  • Fully accessible river fishing, lodges and club house. Scoping study

  • Currently Advising on the design of the National Resource Centre for Carers of People Living with a Dementia The Royal Society of Surgical Aids - (concept and fund raising stage)
  • Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship Our lead designer for care architecture has won an award to travel the globe researching the most highly regarded care environments and approaches to care worldwide.
  •  Association of Dementia Studies Worcester, Expert Working Group We are active members of a leading national advisory group on excellence for Dementia Care. 

Care Architecture
Care Architecture
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Specialist care designers and architects. New, innovative, life affirming design for care that supports quality of life while creating long term savings for providers.
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